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I learned to crochet back in college. Just a basic stitch, nothing fancy. Great for making blankets, but not much else. Over the years I dabbled occasionally making scarves and blankets. Fast forward a few years, or twenty…. Two of my co-workers are knitters, and they revitalized my interest in crochet.

Seeing my co-workers creating socks, scarves, and mittens on our lunch hour got me going again. The combination of encouragement from co-workers, and tutorial videos online started me down the road of trying new stitches to use with scarves and blankets. Then before long I started slowly branching out into creating a few ponchos, hats and even learning how to make a few storage bags.

I still have a hard time reading the patterns for new creations. I suppose being able to visualize what needs to be done is just not as easy for me as for some. But until I up my game at reading patterns, I plan on continuing to hunt out new video tutorials so I can expand the variety of things I’m able to crochet. Today hats! Tomorrow socks!

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