Penis envy

Penis Chapstick holders
Crochet chapstick holders that a co-worker asked me to make for stocking stuffers!

I have been known to occasionally bring my crochet projects to work so that I have something to do other than stare at my phone during lunch hours. I guess it kind of makes me stand out a bit while eating in the lunch room at the office, especially when your office isn’t that big of a place to start with.

So one day I was over on the ‘other’ side of the building (doing work related stuff, of course) when one of my co-workers said to another employee, “Hey, show Christy that project you have, she does crochet.” She showed me a picture of these crocheted chapstick holders….. in the shape of little penises. They were hilarious! The problem was although she liked them, she didn’t know how to crochet. So of course it dissolved into a short discussion of how hard would they be to make, etc., because she saw someone selling them on Etsy for about $12 each, but she didn’t really want to pay that much. At this point, co-worker #1 said, “I bet Christy could make them!”

Now I was feeling fairly confident after having made the cheese without a pattern, and I thought, how hard could a penis be? (har har har) So I said, sure I’d give it a try. After many starts and stops, I finally came up with a pattern that was workable. Once I had the pattern more or less worked out I started cranking out a few of these little suckers. The sizes and shapes always varied a bit depending on the thickness of the yarn, and how my tension was while crocheting. They’re not uniform like an experienced crochet nut may be able to make them, but I figure not all real penises are the same, so why should these be?

Over the course of about a week and a half, I cranked out ten of these little suckers, just perfect for holding a chapstick. I can only imagine the looks on the faces of the recipients for these crazy little stocking stuffers. I mean, not everyone carries around a crocheted penis in their purse!

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