Wonky Socks!

Two of my co-workers are pretty amazing knitters. They make socks and hats with abandon. I can make a pretty good blanket, scarf or basic hat, but try as I may I just can’t figure out socks with a heel. Tube socks are pretty easy, but they always seem to fit my foot a little oddly.

Not being one to give up easily. I’ve tried a few different patterns for crocheting a sock with a heel. Toe up or top down, either way I just can’t seem to really get started on any of the sock patterns that I’ve tried. Start and stop, start and stop. Eventually I did give up for a bit. My co-workers are not ones to let things go however. They continued to ask me about my sock making attempts, and kept encouraging me to not give up. They even repeatedly told me to bring in my projects to work so that they could offer ’emotional support’ for me during my sock crocheting attempts while we ate lunch.

So back at it once again. The idea of working socks in a ‘toe up’ direction made most sense to me, so I started scouring the web with abandon for video tutorials. Pinning and saving things like crazy, eventually I managed to find a video that looked like it might work for me. I tried starting it a few times, but still couldn’t get going. The sock yarn is small and sometimes difficult to work with when just starting out on a project. I’d start, then pull it all out and start again. Not wanting to give up, I finally settled for making an attempt with a larger yarn so I could better see what the heck I was doing! The thought being that once I get through the socks in a larger format, I could more easily work up a pair of socks with the lighter yarn.

I must admit working with the larger yarn was much easier! They ended up a bit weirdly sized and shaped, but it’s a start. Now I have a pair of really unique slipper socks for wearing around the house. They’re surprisingly comfortable, even though they do look a bit wonky.

Next up, actual socks!

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