Love is loading the dishwasher.

Watching movies is one of my favorite useless ways to pass a day. Not often do I get to waste an entire day relaxing on the sofa watching movies, but today was one of those days. I spent the first half of my vacation week scrubbing and cleaning the house from top to bottom, so I felt like I had a well deserved day of laziness coming.

One of the movies I watched today had the line “love is not just spoken in words, love is shown in our actions.” Oh how true that is! It’s often the things that we do for others that shows how much we care for them. Hearing that line reminded me of something that my son Tommy mentioned to me earlier in the week. He asked me why I spent so much time cleaning, when it’s my vacation and I should be doing something fun with my time off. He mentioned that he never sees Rolf (my husband) doing any cleaning and that it didn’t seem very fair. My response was pretty simple. Rolf dislikes cleaning, but although it’s not my favorite thing, to me it’s not the worst thing in the world either. Therefore I do the cleaning so he doesn’t have to. I also pointed out that I hate cooking and mowing the lawn, but Rolf doesn’t mind, so he does almost all the cooking, and he always mows the lawn. We both have things that we do around the house, so that the other person doesn’t have to. Because when it comes down to it, actions are how we show love, even if it’s something as simple as loading the dishwasher.


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