New to me!

Technology often is not my friend. Things have a tendency to not work right, or just flat out break when I’m around. This time it was my computer. Granted, it was 15 years old or so which for a computer is a bit outdated and probably long overdue for replacement according to just about everyone else on the planet.┬áSo, with my computer broken, I had resorted to my using the ‘hand me down laptop’ because I am way too cheap to foot the bill for a new Mac. Even one that’s just ‘new to me’. Yes, there were some things on the good ol’ Mac that I really wanted to get to, like my Geneaology research, and several designs that are meant for Christmas presents. However my cheapness continued to win out, and I puttered along with the laptop making the best of a pretty crummy situation.

At least that was the case until yesterday. Then of course, Hubby to the rescue! He found another local Mac that was used, but still much newer than my old behemoth. By the time I was home from work, he had the new one up and running. All I had left to do was move over my hard drives, pull stuff off the old main drive, and I’d be off and running again! I’ve spent the some time shuffling my digital goodies around on the new Mac, and recovering files so that I can get my crafty groove on with my vinyl cutter before the holidays. I can now do stuff on my computer that I couldn’t before because it was just too ancient.

Who knew 20 years ago that technology would be such a big part of our lives?

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