Of cheese and gnomes

Now that the weather is cooling off, I have fewer house projects to complete. That leaves me with extra time for some of my more crafty endeavors. My two most recent crafty projects have been crochet. I made a cheese and a gnome. Which I will admit are an odd combination.

The cheese has a bit of a back story, where as the gnome was just one of those Pinterest things that I came across and I decided that I NEEDED to make it. So with a few days off, and some digging through my stash of yarn, I whipped up this little guy. I’m still debating on if he needs a wife…. I have a few more vacation days, so it’s a good possibility that in the next few days I’ll end up with not just one gnome, but a pair. Tommy even suggested a gnome with a rainbow hat (for year round, as opposed to Christmastime enjoyment).

As for the cheese. It started off as a common phrase one of my co-workers was saying. When one of us would whine, she would ask if we need any cheese to go with it. At one point, she even drew up a picture of cheese for one co-worker so she would have some cheese to go with her whine/wine. One day when I was a bit out of sorts, she passed the cheese drawing on to me. Thus we started passing this silly cheese picture around between a few of our desks.

Not content to just have a picture of a cheese, I considered buying a squishy cheese that we could pass around. But at $7, the cheapskate in me was hesitant. The crafty part of me thought that surely I could craft a cheese for cheaper than that! So after a deep dive into my yarn stash I came up with some bright yellow yarn, and an idea. Crochet cheese!

Now let me tell you, there isn’t a whole lot of need for crochet cheese apparently, because although I searched, I had a difficult time coming up with a pattern that I liked. There were several solid cheese wedges, and a few flat cheese slices. There was even one that had holes sewn on top as little disks (which seemed backwards to me). Eventually I gave up on the search and decided to just wing it. With two triangular bits, and one long strip with holes I was able to fashion my amazing cheese. I stuffed it with cotton balls (since that’s what I had laying around). It’s not perfect, but for something I made up as I went, it didn’t turn out too bad! Especially for someone who usually sticks to crocheting flat items or hats. The gals at the office (a few of whom are knitters) were pretty impressed at my crocheted cheezy goodness!


Crochet cheese with holes
My home made crochet cheese, complete with holes! A perfect addition to my office.
Crochet Gnome
The little crochet gnome that I whipped up on vacation.

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