30 days

30 days. In the grand scheme of things, it’s a relatively short amount of time. Just one month. It passes for most of us, in the blink of an eye.

This last month has been much the same as all the other months that preceded it in many ways. The usual work, home, school balancing act. Spring is here, so there’s added yard work and discussions with the hubby about household projects to be done. School is still in session so there’s homework, and late night video game playing on weekends. There’s laundry to be washed, meals to be made, and housecleaning to be done.
But for as much “normal” stuff as I’ve been doing, there is lots of stuff I’m not doing too. As of today it’s been one month since I have been inside a store of any kind. One month since I rode in a vehicle (let alone drove one) or been any further from home than I can travel on foot. One month since either my husband or I have physically seen any of our co workers, and over a month since my son has set foot in an actual classroom.
These are the days of social distancing. Of closed businesses, and of working from home. The days of second guessing if you really need to make that trip to the hardware or grocery store. Covid-19 has shut down the country as we know it, and in its place is a much more cautious one.
For some the changes are profound. People without jobs and paychecks. People are unable to participate in social hobbies, go to the movies, or even go out to grab a bite to eat. Gone for most of us is the typical social framework and support that we are all used to having through our typical daily interactions. All of us are seeing less of family, friends, and co workers, but instead have replaced them with more Netflix and household cleaning binges.
It seems to me that extroverts seem to be the hardest hit by the changes. Things just feel wrong and uncomfortable for them. They thrive on social contact, and without it, life seems out of balance. As an introvert, I think the transition has been an easier one for me. I’m fine going for days (or in this case weeks) without heading off to do some shopping, or out for a night on the town. I’m ok with getting to hang around the house, and forgo my daily commute to the office in exchange for working on a tiny laptop at my dining room table. (Although I’ll admit that it’s a far from ideal work environment) I love that my extroverted husband has stepped up and taken over the shopping so I don’t expose myself to the virus. I hated doing the shopping anyway.
Since social distancing started over a month ago, most people are thinking of the things they are missing while the country has “shut down”. I’m thinking of the things I’ve gained. I’ve gained not only an extra 5 hours of my week by not being behind the wheel of my car, but I’ve also gained some sanity as I don’t have to dodge incompetent drivers on 270 each morning. I’ve gained an extra half hour of sleep on work days. I’ve gained the ability to take a quick walk on my lunch hour. I’ve gained a new appreciation for my hubby who’s stepped up to do the shopping (because let’s face it I’m a big whiney baby when I’m sick). I’ve gained more time with my kiddo, more time in comfy clothes, and more money in my pocket. I would like to think that Ive also gained some camaraderie with friends and neighbors, as we’re all going through something together.
A little over a month in, and people are already pushing for life to go back to “normal.” I understand the need for businesses to re-open, for both economical as well as social reasons. I also understand the need to socially distance ourselves to slow the spread of disease. For now, I’m doing just fine, hanging out at home staying away from everyone except my nuclear family. The thriving introvert. One month down. Who knows how many more weeks to come. Bring it!

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