Parking pad construction

When we bought our home, there was kind of a half-assed parking area next to the garage supported by a crumbling block wall. We added it to the mental list of things that we would need to fix around the house. In it’s current state, it would give us enough room to park the truck, just barely, but it was usable. We put off the work as more pressing projects popped up around the property. Over the years the wall continued to deteriorate and the parking pad became more and more of an eyesore.


Parking pad area
Our parking pad area before we had it redone.

Eventually I couldn’t stand looking at the mess any more, so in 2019 we started discussing tackling the parking pad project. Eventually we decided that rather than do all the back breaking work ourselves, we would splurge and pay someone else to come and do it. It would be more structurally sound and would get done much faster than we could complete it on weekends and after work.

After getting a few bids we picked our contractor and scheduled to have it done this spring. Then we waited… and waited… and waited… Just when we thought the contractor had ghosted us, a few men came out and work began. Up went the new wall, in relatively short time, followed by a fat slab of new concrete to top it all off.

New parking pad
New parking pad area all done!

Now that part of the yard and garage looks so much better and is much more useful than it was before. Slowly but surely we’re getting our projects done, and really making improvements on this little ‘tear down’ of a house.

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