At the end of 2015 we bought a house. Built in 1933 it was the best house we could find (and afford) that met our four main requirements. It was located in St. Louis county, offered a good sized sunny yard, was in a better school district than where I was moving from in St. Charles and had at least a two car garage. We almost didn’t even come look at it, because it wasn’t much to look at from the outside, and the listing gave the impression that it would be great as a tear down.

Tommy loved the house from the get-go, and the neighbor we met sure seemed nice. After much debating, we ended up buying it. It wasn’t everything we wanted, but it fit with the big four. We would have loved another bedroom, and a fireplace among other things, but we knew the likelyhood of finding the perfect house was slim. We bought the house knowing full well it needed at a minimum a new roof, and most likely several other repairs in the first few years, but it was certainly livable.

We started with painting and patching what we could to make the kitchen and upstairs bath a little bit less icky. All the rooms got a fresh coat of paint and the floors got a good scrubbing. We said goodbye to the huge bushes out front, and hello to shade friendly hostas (one of my favorites!), as well as a variety of other flowers.

Our first big project was the main floor bathroom. With a sagging floor, and a seriously dated look, it just had to go. All of it. Down to the studs. Replaced with a jetted tub, chair height toilet and heated floor, it was a vast improvement. Next up was creating our stairwell pantry, planting the orchard and gardens, installing the small pond, and replacing the ‘shack’ behind the garage when we had piers put in.

2020 brought us a pandemic, but the projects continued for our home. We painted a little more of the exterior trim, and installed a bigger pond to replace the small one we put in back in 2016. We also bit the bullet and paid someone to replace our old crumbling parking pad with a more solid wall and concrete pavement.

In 2022 the pandemic continued on, but for us it was the year of the living room rebuild. We tore out the entire ceiling and portions of the walls so that we could install surround sound speakers, porch speakers, and 8 new can lights, as well as add some additional insulation. We followed that up by refinishing the floor in the living room, before adding cabinets and a countertop which will act as the base for our built in bookshelves.

We continue to work on projects big and small to make our house just the way we want it. Future improvements include replacing the deck and eventually gutting the kitchen. Feel free to browse through the photos of our little slice of the Lou.