Abra & Cadabra

So, after a quick application process, into our lives came Abra and Cadabra. A bonded male pair, about two to three years old that are looking for their forever home together. We picked them up from CARE on November 7, 2021 and were lucky enough to find their forever home on December 18th.

We were lucky enough that they were completely house broken, they didn’t mind crates, and they loved to go for walks as long as the walks aren’t too long. Perfect for us to get a little exercise in without taking up too much time. Cadabra was the more needy of the two, and Abra would sometimes sneak off into his own crate to avoid Cadabra if he was getting overly obnoxious.

They weren’t really into playing with toys or chewing, and although they liked a good romp in the yard occasionally, they were medium energy dogs, perfect for our little home. Unless they saw something worth chasing that is. Then all bets were off. They were highly interested in chasing other dogs, cats, squirrels, deer, and even leaves if they’re blowing across the ground. Both of these big boys started out as constant pullers when we walked, but over time they got much better about behaving on a leash. Abra rarely pulled unless he thinks there’s a chase to be had, and Cadabra finally got to a point where he was doing much less consistent pulling than he did when we first got him. Cadabra would sometimes suddenly decide he’s done walking and would let us know by just plopping down wherever he is and playing dead. It was hilarious (as long as we didn’t have anywhere to be)

Eventually these two made an excellent 8 foot addition to a family of three, and are going to be so incredibly loved.