We took a little break from fostering so we could do some major improvements to our home. But by June, we were ready to foster again. So, on June 25, 2022 we headed back to CARE. We walked in and told them “We’re here to pick up a new foster. Give us whatever older, lazy dog you’ve got.” and Milburn was the answer. He was the most relaxed and chill dog we’ve had so far. He was a little shy and a bit skittish, but after a few days he settled into our routine. He did wonderfully with the cats, and although he showed interest in them, he never chased.

After just a week he had found his forever home. We got to keep him a few extra days until July 6th. Then he went to CARE to have his his ‘trouble nuggets’ removed. His new family picked him up after the surgery, and he went off to live with a wonderful family of 4. We’re confident that Milburn will make excellent 4 foot addition to his new home.