Guppy & Anglerfish

We planned on taking a little break from fostering so our cats could decompress. But the need for fosters is great, and a new litter of puppies needed foster homes. So, into our lives came two puppies from the ‘fish’ litter, Guppy and Anglerfish. A pair of males, just a few weeks old, they come from a litter of 11 pups. We picked them up from CARE on January 18th, 2022 and were with us until February 28th.

They pretty much did all the things that itty bitty puppies do. They ate, slept, and pooped. A LOT! Guppy was a bit larger than Anglerfish, and was ready to explore the world from day 1. Anglerfish was more ‘chill’ and would rather just take a nap, on a lap if he can manage it, instead of doing just about anything else. Although they both enjoyed the outdoors and exploring all over the yard and were good about letting me take all the adorable pictures that a foster mom could ever want to take.

When they were old enough they both quickly found forever homes that will continue to love and spoil them.